The Swords are probably the most difficult suit of the tarot.  They represent conflict, strife, and often times devastation and grief.  There is also a great deal of beauty in the Swords.  They represent intelligence and deep wisdom, they represent the logic we can use to create structure and order in the world in order to manifest a society where we try to make things fair.  Continue reading

IV of Cups/4 of Water

4 of cups

The 4 of Cups is one of my favorite cards and really speaks to me when it comes up in a reading.  It reminds me so much of myself.  I have a tendency to obsess with meditation, to take plenty of time for myself, “dropping in” and “tuning out” that I often miss what’s right in front of my face.   Continue reading

XIII: Death.


Happy New Year!  At first I thought about skipping a post today since talking about the Death card seems inappropriate for New Year’s Day.  Then I realized, New Year’s is actually the perfect opportunity to talk about the Death card since the card is all about transformation and change.  It’s the ending and the beginning – how appropriate as we move from 2017 to 2018! Continue reading