The Swords are probably the most difficult suit of the tarot.  They represent conflict, strife, and often times devastation and grief.  There is also a great deal of beauty in the Swords.  They represent intelligence and deep wisdom, they represent the logic we can use to create structure and order in the world in order to manifest a society where we try to make things fair.  Continue reading

Queen of Swords/Mother of Air

queen of swords

The Queen of Swords is all about balance.  She’s the combined energy of the intuitive water and the logical air.  She’s the ultimate in logical thinking without letting her emotional side get in the way.  That’s not to say this queen is cold.  She is deeply loving – this is a universal love and a love for the greater good.  She is the ultimate in compassion and she manifests that love for all using her logical, structured, organized brain. Continue reading

XIX: The Sun.


After the darkest hour of the Moon comes the Sun.  The Sun is one of the most positive cards in the deck!  Rejoice!  Everything is as good as it could possibly be.  Everything is illuminated and revealed in all its truth under the light of the sun.  This is a YES! card!  There’s nothing but love in this card.  How beautiful.   Continue reading