Ace of Pentacles/One of Earth

ace of pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles represents a new opportunity.  This is similar to the energy of the other Aces but in this case the new opportunity generally relates to work or a new business proposition where you have the opportunity to manifest something in the earthly realm.  The hand in this card is receiving the pentacle – this new opportunity will arise for you without you actively bringing it into being.  That being said, you’ll need to put energy and planning behind the idea, as well see in the later pentacle cards following the ace.  

Like the other ace cars, the landscape below represents the primary element of the suit.  In this case, that element is the earth, and the landscape below is the most bountiful of the ace cards.  A rose and lily garden blooms below.  Lilies represent purity and innocence while roses represent experience.  The creek and mountains represent prosperity, growth, and wealth.  The path below the pentacle represents the new beginning that goes along with this new opportunity.  The dominant color in the card, similar to the other ace cards, is grey.  This is a reflection of the uncertainty ahead that goes along with the new opportunity.

neon dollar

Upright meaning: The Ace of Pentacles is about the prosperous start of creating wealth.  It’s a new opportunity that holds the promise of financial gain when brought into fruition.  This can be a new business venture, a new investment, or a new energy or inspiration around your work.  The card doesn’t necessarily need to be about money.  It can also be an indication that you’re putting yourself or your work out into the world and receiving abundance and fulfillment in return.  This is all about realizing your potential in the physical world.

Reversed: When the Ace of Pentacles appears in the reversed form, this can be an indication that a financial opportunity has fallen through or not panned out.  This is a time to be careful with money, beware of things that seem to good to be true, and to avoid getting over your skis financially.  This can also be an indication that you’ll face delays or temporary frustrations in getting your plans off the ground.  The card is a message of caution – if you’re working on a new business venture, go slowly and make sure you’ve done proper planning.

One interesting note about the Ace of Pentacles versus the other aces is this: the other Ace cards all include some sacred element.  The Ace of Wands bears leaves from the Tree of Life, the Ace of Cups includes the golden chalice, and the Ace of Swords is surrounded by six golden leaves, again from the Tree of Life.  The divine spirit prevalent in the prior Ace cards is absent here – this is a reminder not to lose sight of the wisdom that comes from the sacred tree.  Enjoy the gains that come along with the Ace of Pentacles – this card is a good sign.  However, the card reminds us that there are greater, more divine gains to be made in terms of wisdom beyond the material realm.



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