IX: The Hermit.


The Hermit is one of my favorite cards and one I have a special affinity for.  He reminds you that in your heart you carry the light and love you’ve sought outside of yourself.  This discovery only comes from independent soul-searching and introspection.  

The Hermit stands on top of small mountains.  As we know, mountains in tarot typically represent challenges.  He’s on top, however, representing his achievement of spiritual accomplishment.  His lantern with a star inside is a representation of wisdom.  His staff is a symbol of power and authority, but also of his ability to use solitude and the knowledge he’s already learned to gain even greater insights.  Nine is a powerful number, representing accomplishment and wisdom.

Upright meaning: You’re in a period of introspection.  You feel a desire to understand how the world works on a deeper level.  Ultimately this is your search for the meaning of life.  The answers can only be discovered inside yourself.  The Hermit is also a teacher for those on his level.  However, the answers only come from solitary introspection.  He teaches others with a heart of compassion.  Honor silence and let your inner light shine as a way to communicate to others.

Reversal: You may need to take more time for yourself or you’ve been taking too much time for yourself.  If you haven’t made time for yourself, do so.  Listen to your inner voice and connect with yourself.  If you’ve been in a period of solitude, don’t lose sight of the value of connection with others.

The Hermit honors silence and the independent search for meaning in the world.  He’s independent yet connected with all of humanity.  Raise your inner light.  Put it on a hill where everyone can see it.  Remember a lamp isn’t meant to be hidden.



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