III of Cups/3 of Water

3 of cups

The Three of Cups is one of my favorite cards – it’s a party card!  This card is all about having fun with your friends.  The card is often compared to the relationship between the women on Sex in the City or on Friends.  Think of your best friends – those people you can let your hair down with, be your authentic, fun self, and have a good time.  

The card depicts the three women dancing and having a good time – something that doesn’t need much explanation. The sky is bright blue, indicating that this is a happy time.  They’re toasting their cups in celebration.  The women’s arms are reaching out, representing their connection to each other in friendship and on an emotional level.  Wreaths are typically about victory, but here they represent peace and protection from the universe.  The flowers on the ground reflect joy, beauty, compassion, and growth.  The grapes are symbolic of abundance; this is a lucky, prosperous time.  The pumpkin represents health, wellness, vigor, and vitality.  The three women wear different colored gowns.  White represents purity, red represents vitality, and yellow represents joy and friendship.

Upright: This is a time to celebrate!  It’s a time to get together with your friends, your family, and your community and raise a glass.  Think about the great friends you have in your life and celebrate how fortunate you are because of those relationships.  There are people in your life who are there for you and have your back.  The card also tells us that we have a great deal of resources available to us right now – friends and grapes and pumpkins!  The theme here is abundance.  This is a lucky time – reason enough to celebrate!

Reversed: You’ve been partying too hard, friend.  Having another drink with your friends won’t solve any problems you’re avoiding.  Take some time for yourself and think about what’s going in your life.  Disconnect from the social scene and reconnect with yourself.  This is less like the hedonism seen in the Devil card.  In this case, it is much less severe and is generally more about boredom or putting off work to have more play time.  Alternatively the card can be about losing touch with friends because work or responsibilities have gotten in the way.  If this is true, reach out to a friend and make plans for a night out to unwind.

The Three of Cups is a reminder to celebrate friendship.  Reach out to a friend and make plans to connect.  Our relationships with each other are what make life so special.  Cheers!

cheers ladies (2)

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