XVI: The Tower.


Yikes.  Change is coming, whether you like it or not.  This is a big change – you’ve outgrown the old structure you built on both a physical and mental level.  You must destroy it.  Allow it to crumble in order to make room for the new structure.  Remember that by giving something up you stand to gain. 

This change is on a physical level rather than a spiritual level, but of course you’ll also feel it emotionally.  The lightening bolt goes from left to right, or from heaven to earth.  And those two falling people are the two people we just saw chained up in the Devil card!  They’re falling headfirst because of a sudden awareness of spiritual truth – also represented from the lightening bolt.  On the traditional card there are 22 flames (or yods), representing the 22 cards of the major arcana.

Upright meaning: A change is coming or is already happening.  Your foundation and beliefs are being shaken.  You’re probably already aware of areas in your life where there is turbulence.  The tower asks you to break down the barriers you’ve been hiding behind.  Try to accept this opportunity for change.  It will bring you to a greater awareness of truth.

Reversal: There’s a destruction in your life that needs to happen, but you’re delaying it.  Don’t resist this transformation – it’s necessary in order to grow.  While on some level you may believe you’re open to change, on other levels there is some fear.  Don’t be afraid to shake things up in a major way.  It’s true there is a lot at stake and a lot to lose – but no risk, no reward.

Remember that destruction is often part of creation.  It’s not hard to think of times when something seemingly terrible has led to something wonderful.  While change is unavoidable, our attitude around it is up to us.  The Tower shakes things up and gets us out of our comfort zone.  It gives us the opportunity to see truth without the comfort of our attachments.  This is the beginning of real personal growth.

umbrella tower

This Tower of umbrellas is much less scary.  It’s from Baltimore’s Light City last year.

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