XI: Karma/Justice.


The Justice card is all about Karma.  What you reap, you will sow.  Don’t deny the consequences of your thoughts, words, and actions.  Justice holds a double edged sword signifying impartiality – it cuts both ways.  The Justice card is one of three cards in the tarot representing the three cardinal virtues.  The others are Strength and Temperance.  

In the traditional card, Justice sits between two pillars, representing duality.  Any type of veil in tarot typically signifies what’s hidden.  In this case, this is our actions.  All the actions we’ve performed will come back around.  As Mercury Rising talks about in his Justice card video, what you do in the night will come back around in the day.  The sword is pointing upward, indicating victory.  The sword in Justice’s right hand represents logic while the scales in Justice’s left hand indicate logic will be balanced with intuition.

Upright meaning: if the Justice card comes up, things will go in your favor.  Your past virtuous actions are coming around and you’re getting what you deserve.  The card also shows how the future can be changed by a lesson learned in the past.  If you have a decision to make, this is a reminder to be fair when you make that decision.

Reversal: This could be a reflection that you’re not being honest with yourself.  You haven’t been willing to understand the real meaning of why an event has occurred.  Take responsibility for the situation – your actions got you here.  While things don’t always make sense or seem fair, trust in the universe that things work out eventually.  Alternatively a reversal could be an indication that you’re not judging others fairly.

The Justice card reminds us that what goes around comes around.  All the actions we preform will eventually give rise to their effect.  Take the time to purify your negative actions.  Going forward, strive to make your actions virtuous.  While sometimes things feel very unfair, things work out in the end.  Let go of your idea of what should be or shouldn’t be and accept what is.


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