XVIII: The Moon.


The Moon is such a beautiful card.  It’s the card of dreams, of the unconscious, and of intuition.  The moon is only gently lighting the path, but that light is shedding light on your fears and pushing you toward self understanding, strength, and confidence.  

Like so many of the cards, the Moon is full of symbolism.  The moon represents cycles as we move from one phase of life to the next.  It also represents psychic powers and intuition.  The pool represents our subconscious.  The crayfish represents the early stages of our consciousness unfolding – the crayfish is shedding a protective shell and growing a new one.  This is all about cycles and rebirth.  The dog and wolf represent the tame and  wild aspects of our mind.  The wolf represents our primal urges but also symbolizes loyalty and intelligence.  The dog, which we can remember from the Fool, offers protection but also pushes us forward on our journey.  We’ve seen those pillars before with the High Priestess, the Hierophant, and the Justice card, and we know they are all about balance.  The path leads between those two towers, showing the way to the unconscious.  And like the Wheel of Fortune, the Tower, and several minor arcana cards, the yods are back.  The 15 yods in the card are a call to the Devil (#15) and are an indication that the way to spiritual enlightenment is by going through the fear.

Upright meaning: This is one of the Jung-iest cards.  The Moon introduces Jung’s concept of a shadow self, or the part of ourselves that our ego doesn’t identify.  It’s our darker, more primitive side.  When the Moon appears, it’s a reminder to pay attention to times when we may be projecting our fears onto our experiences.  When we project fear onto our experiences (typically because of a past trauma), we often experience negative blocks causing feelings of fear and anxiety to arise in our minds.  It’s time to face these fears and throw them away.  Get to the root and move on.  This card is also about illusion and deception.  Something may be hidden or not what it seems.  Dig deeper and find what is hidden.  The Moon is all about intuition – allow your intuition to guide you.  Your dreams provide valuable insight here.

Reversal: A reversal can indicate a release of fear or confusion or that you’re coming out of a period of uncertainty.  How wonderful!  Alternatively a reversal can indicate confusion about what to do in current situation.  If you’re feeling stuck because of this confusion, listen to your intuition and pay attention to your dreams.  Don’t ignore messages that are coming to you.

The Moon reminds us that even though we can’t see the future clearly, we’re on the right path.  Trust your intuition.  At the darkest hour, you’ll discover that you hold your own light.  Through this darkness you can heal and move forward into greater joy and understanding.

ft myers moon



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