II: The High Priestess


The High Priestess is all about attuning yourself to faith.  It’s about listening to your intuitions, trusting your impulses and accessing secret, hidden knowledge.  Everything is available to you – you just have to listen.  Knowledge of good or evil, light or dark forces ultimately is good.  In the same way, all our experiences, good and bad, present opportunities for us to learn and grow.  The High Priestess is also a representation of femininity.  Sometimes she is identified with the Shekhinah, or the feminine aspect of divinity.

Upright meaning: When The High Priestess appears it’s time to stop and listen.  Pay attention to your intuition.  Watch and listen for signs and symbols in your dreams and in your environment.  This is a very mysterious time but you can trust that your intuition is giving you good information right now.  This can also be a time of change.

Reversed meaning: A reversal can mean a number of things.  Most obviously, it can be an indication that you’re not listening to your inner voice.  You might be too focused on the day to day or too focused on helping other people.  You’re not paying enough attention to your own needs.  Take some time to meditate and reconnect with yourself on a spiritual level.  A reversal can also mean something isn’t quite known to you.  This could be a secret, gossip behind your back, or some type of hidden agenda.


  • White and black pillars – these are a representation of the pillars of Solomon’s temple.  The J&B sometimes noted on the pillars stand for Jachin and Boaz, copper pillars at the porch of the first temple in Jerusalem.  These also represent how The High Priestess sits between light and dark and mediates the passage between life and death.
  • Pomegranates on the tapestry are sacred to The High Priestess and represent a symbol of duty to her people
  • Blue robe is a representation of knowledge and wisdom
  • Her crown represents the crown of Isis, the triple goddess of birth, life, and death
  • Sometimes there is a cross on The High Priestess’ robe, indicating a balance between male and female energy
  • The half concealed Torah is a representation of esoteric teachings and reminds us that the written word is the lesser of the mysteries
  • The moon under her left foot represents her dominion over pure intuition

The High Priestess is all about mystery, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, serenity, and ultimately faith.  This is a time to listen to your inner voice and trust your instincts.  Believe in yourself and have confidence in your perceptions.  If you have a tendency to overthink things, try to let go and believe in what the world is saying to you.  There is a lot of mystery in the air.  Don’t try to analyze it with logic.  Pay attention to the world around you and the messages you’re receiving, especially in your dreams.






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